At Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors our specially trained lawyers can offer you the option of resolving your family law matter using the Collaborative process.

We firmly believe that you should have the opportunity to understand and consider all the ways in which you matter can be brought to a conclusion and we will explain all of the options to you when we meet so that you make an informed choice.

Our video explains more about Collaborative law, what it is, how it differs from a more traditional approach and the benefits of using this method of dispute resolution.

Collaborative puts you and your spouse in the driving seat.

With the Collaborative approach you both make a commitment to avoid going to Court and work together, with your respective lawyers, to find solutions which work for your whole family. You do not lose your decision making power to a Judge and you have the opportunity to come up with creative ways of dealing with your specific situation.


Using a Collaborative approach helps to build trust and communication where this may have broken down.

Many people feel empowered by successfully resolving their case within the collaborative process and it can be a very useful starting point to moving forward with a healthy separated, and perhaps co-parenting, relationship. If there are children, it can be a very positive message for them to see their parents working together to bring their relationship to a respectful conclusion.


It’s your process and can be tailored to you and your spouse’s needs.

If you need to move quickly, assuming you both agree and the necessary information is available, then you can. Meetings can be scheduled to suit your availability, unlike Court hearings. If you don’t need to complete a lengthy disclosure process, you don’t have to.


We can involve third parties for additional help and support.

If the parties agree the Collaborative process can include other professionals to help you reach a conclusion. This could be a financial neutral, like a financial adviser or a family consultant, who would be from a therapeutic background and may be able to help the parties with the emotions that may be stopping them from getting a deal done. There are also Collaborative barristers who be brought in to assist the parties with a specific point of law for example.


If you think the Collaborative process might be for you or just want to know more please come and talk to us.

We offer a fixed fee initial appointment for just £50 plus VAT so you can come and find out all about your options and we can help you decide what would be best for you in your personal circumstances.



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