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Your Finances and Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce or separation, talking to an expert solicitor can give you a clear understanding of how this might affect your money and property.
That’s why at Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors, Haywards Heath, we provide clear, independent and frank advice about your situation and how divorce or separation might affect your finances.
We’ll take into account all aspects of your personal finances and give you expert advice about where you stand – so you have the information you need to make decisions that are right for you.

Negotiated settlements

Our approach is to try and reach negotiated financial settlements, wherever possible, because they provide more certainty than leaving decisions to the courts, and involve fewer costs.
We use our expertise and experience to make sure you understand fully what your options are at every stage, so you feel in control of the process as much as possible.

Expert, clear advice

Negotiations about money and property during divorce or separation can sometimes become complicated and confusing. That’s when having an experienced, friendly solicitor at your side can be especially useful.
Whatever your situation, we’ll provide the expert but clear advice you need to help your decision-making – including representing you should the matter come to court.

Where to start?

Choosing a solicitor is a big decision. If you would like to discuss anything relating to finance and divorce, why not take advantage of our first consultation offer for just £50 (including VAT).
At this meeting you can discuss anything relating to your divorce and finances with one of our experienced legal team, and possible costs.
It’s your chance to start to get to know us individually, so you can feel confident that Tisshaws is the right choice for you.
To make an appointment simply call 01444 472700 today or email us.

“Thank you for handling matters so professionally throughout”
Mr G, Haywards Heath

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