Financial Settlements

If you are considering getting divorced or separated, then it is essential to get expert legal advice, so you have a clear understanding of how your finances will be affected

Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors have a particularly strong reputation when it comes to resolving the financial aspects of divorce. Our wealth of specialist experience means that nothing is overlooked when considering the financial settlement, including present and future housing needs, income requirements and pensions. Our firm has seen many people receive less than they were entitled to as a result of trying to resolve financial matters without taking advice. It is often the case that some early input from us can save significant time, costs and stress for both parties.

Our video explains the financial remedy process and we can discuss with you exactly how the procedure will apply to you when we meet.

We can talk through your options before you make any decisions

We provide clear, independent and practical advice about how a divorce or separation would affect your finances and property. We offer a confidential consultation with a specialist lawyer, so you can make those critical decisions with a complete understanding of all the implications. In our experience, fully understanding the situation can often help reduce any feelings of anxiety and make you feel more confident about the future.

Making a legal agreement prevents any future claims

Once both parties have agreed a financial settlement, whether through discussions between themselves, mediation or via solicitors, a Consent Order can be drawn up, clearly setting out the agreement reached. The importance of taking legal advice and officially agreeing terms cannot be underestimated. Many people do not realise that, if they do not have a legally binding Consent Order, then either party is able to come back in the future and make a claim.

We will always try to avoid expensive court proceedings

Negotiations about money and property during divorce or separation can sometimes become complicated and confusing. That is when having an experienced, friendly lawyer at your side can be especially useful. We will always try to reach amicable settlements, because they provide more certainty than leaving the decisions to the courts and involve considerably less costs. However, if we do go to court you can be rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get you the best possible outcome.

We offer a personalised service where you know your solicitor

All our lawyers are highly experienced, very approachable and used to dealing with difficult situations compassionately. Your specific lawyer will deal with you and your case throughout the process and you can contact them directly by telephone and email if you have any questions you need to ask or wish to discuss matters. We are proud that the majority of our work comes from clients who have recommended us personally, because of the high-quality service we provide.

Why not book a consultation with us to discuss your options?

If you would like legal advice on the financial issues arising from a relationship breakdown or any other family matters you may wish to discuss, then please feel free to contact us.

We offer an initial no obligation one-hour appointment for just £50 (Incl. VAT), so you can find out about the options for your specific circumstances.

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