You may wish to consider resolving your family dispute within mediation.

Mediation is one of the ways in which parties can chose to try to reach an agreement without involving the Court in their case. A qualified mediator will help you and the other party to find solutions to your family law issues.

This video explains more about the process of mediation.

The mediator is neutral and impartial

Our qualified mediator, Hana, is a family lawyer who has also undergone specialist and rigorous training to become a mediator. A mediator doesn’t provide legal advice but helps to guide the parties to find appropriate outcomes for them.

In mediation you set the agenda

The mediation meetings will focus on the issues that are important to the parties, which might be the children, the financial position or other day to day concerns arising from the relationship breakdown. The pace of the mediation will be decided by the parties and meetings can be arranged at a mutually convenient date and time.

Mediation can reduce the stress and cost of dispute resolution

Mediation tends to be a more open and amicable process in contrast to the traditional options. If the parties engage in the process in the spirit of goodwill and are cooperative and open with each other, the potential for stress and anxiety is greatly reduced.

Parties generally find the costs of mediation to be considerably lower than using the court process.

If you have already completed mediation we can help you to ensure your agreement is binding

At the end of your mediation the mediator will provide you with a Memorandum of Understanding which will set out what has been agreed. If your case is about financial matters, this needs to be drafted into a Consent Order to ensure it is enforceable.

Please call us to discuss mediation further

We are unable to offer you mediation services if one of our lawyers has already advised you about your case so please ensure that you specify that you are looking for a mediator when you make your initial enquiry.

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