Our legal advice is tailored to your personal circumstances and we will do our best to answer all of your questions when we meet.

Here are the answers to some of the more practical questions that we are frequently asked.

Why should I consult a Family Law solicitor?

Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors fully appreciate how difficult and intimidating the process of consulting a solicitor can be, particularly when it comes to issues of separation and divorce, but it is vital that people get the right information at such a critical time in their lives. The emotional and financial costs of separation and divorce cannot be underestimated and decisions made at the beginning of the process can have a huge impact on the outcome. Therefore, it is important to base decisions on the best information available, which we can provide. We will always be realistic and honest with you.

What if I cannot afford a solicitor?

Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors keeps fees and charges highly competitive and offers a fixed fee for undefended divorce proceedings. Depending on the circumstances we may be able to accept payment by instalments. We will keep you informed about your costs as the matter goes on so that you stay in control.

If you are on a very low income and there are special circumstances, such as domestic violence, you may be entitled to legal aid, please visit https://www.gov.uk/legal-aid for more information.

What do I need to bring to the first meeting?

We will need to verify your identity at the first meeting so please bring with you some photographic ID, such as a passport or driving licence and also a utility bill or bank statement, with your address on, which is less than 2 months old.

If you wish to discuss divorce proceedings it will be useful if can bring your marriage certificate.

In order to discuss financial matters it will be helpful if you have an idea of your financial position, for example your outstanding mortgage, balances of bank accounts and your income position. We do not need to see documentary proof at the first meeting.

If you have received any letters or documents from the Court or another solicitor we will need to see those.

How long will the first meeting last?

Our initial fixed fee meeting usually lasts for an hour which gives us time to take all of the details we need from you and give you advice about your situation. If your matter is particularly complex then we may need more time with you and this can be arranged. If your circumstances are straight-forward then you may be with us for less than an hour.

Can the first meeting take place over the phone?

We prefer to meet face to face for the first meeting as we feel that it is the best way to begin our working relationship. Thereafter it is unlikely that you will need to come into the office very often, if at all, as the case proceeds. The majority of our communication will be done by telephone, email or post, whichever you prefer.

Is everything we talk about confidential?

Yes! Protection of confidential information is fundamental to our relationship with our clients, both as a matter of law and ethics.

Everything is agreed, can you act for both me and my spouse?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to act for both of you, even if matters are agreed, since there is the potential for a conflict of interest. We always seek to act in our Client’s best interests and that may be impossible if we are acting for both parties. If appropriate, we are happy to recommend other lawyers, who we know are reasonable and take the same approach as us, to your spouse.

Can I bring a friend to the first meeting?

Of course, a close friend or relative can offer invaluable support to you at what may be a difficult time. Please do keep in mind that we may need to take quite detailed personal information in the first meeting so only bring someone that you are happy will hear this.

Can I bring my children to the first meeting?

Preferably not, given the sensitive information being discussed we prefer that children do not attend the appointment with you, as even young children can pick up on what is being said. It is generally best that children not be involved in these matters. Also it may be difficult for you to fully concentrate and take in our advice if children are present. However, if it is impossible for you to attend without your children we will do our best to accommodate that.

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