Divorce & Separation

Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible for both parties.

The importance of taking professional legal advice when divorcing cannot be underestimated. The process is straightforward to us but can be very confusing if you are not legally trained. Often the procedure can be made more complicated than necessary when people try to deal with it themselves.

We’ve prepared a video explaining the basic procedure in an undefended divorce case, which we hope will assist you, but generic information can never replace the specialist tailored advice which we can give you when we meet you.

We can talk through your options before you make any decisions

Deciding whether to divorce or separate may be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. It affects not only you and your partner, but the people around you too, and in particular any children you might have. It can also change your financial arrangements and make it difficult to plan for the immediate future.

We offer a confidential consultation with a specialist lawyer, so that you can make that critical decision with a complete understanding of all the implications. In our experience, fully understanding the situation can reduce feelings of insecurity and help you feel more confident about the future.

Our divorce costs are fixed

Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors offer a fixed fee divorce for £450 plus VAT (£540 inclusive), where the divorce is uncontested. This includes preparation of the Divorce Petition, the supporting documentation for the court and dealing with each step of the divorce procedure. In addition to this you will have to pay a Court fee (currently £550).

We offer a personalised service with your own dedicated lawyer

All our lawyers are highly experienced, very approachable and used to dealing with difficult situations compassionately. Your specific lawyer will deal with you and your case throughout the process and you can contact them directly by telephone and email if you have any questions you need to ask or if you wish to discuss matters. We are proud that the majority of our work comes from clients who have recommended us personally, because of the high-quality service we provide.


Why not book a consultation with us to discuss your options?

If you would like legal advice on divorce and separation or any other family matters, please contact us.

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    I will not hesitate to recommend you when the opportunity arises. I have found you to be extremely concise, straight forward, factual, professional and I sensed no ulterior agendas (you really do think about your client rather than the money!) Thank you so much for that support.

    - Mr D - May 2017
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    Once again, thank you for handling the divorce on my behalf, you have been fab.

    - Mrs K - October 2016
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    I found the advice and support given by Gilva and her team calm, re-assuring and thorough. At all times I had faith that our approach was sound and we were seeking the best possible outcome for me and my son.

    - Mr B - October 2016

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