How can family law help with financial issues?

Family law can help separating couples with a wide range of financial issues as outlined below.

Financial settlements

Many separating couples try to resolve financial matters between themselves without the benefit of professional legal advice, which does not always result in a fair financial settlement. Taking advice from a family lawyer can ensure that nothing is overlooked when trying to decide on how to split finances, assets, pensions, and property. It is essential that any settlement considers present and future housing needs, and income requirements over a lifetime. Early legal advice can save time, money, and stress for both parties.

Consent orders

Once a fair financial agreement has been reached, a family lawyer can draw up a Consent Order, setting out what has been agreed. Once approved by the court, this makes the agreement legally binding. Without a Consent Order, either party can still make a financial claim against the other even decades after the divorce has been finalised.

Private Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) Hearings

When a financial settlement cannot be agreed, a family lawyer can organise a private FDR. This saves the time, money, and stress of letting a courtroom judge decide how your financial assets should be split. In a private FDR hearing, a private judge is instructed to consider and evaluate the case. The judge then advises on the likely outcome were the case to be heard in court. The judge’s evaluation is not binding but can be used to help couples agree a financial settlement.


When separating or divorcing, we know how important it is to fully understand the law relating to your individual situation before you commit to any course of action, so we offer a low-cost fixed fee initial consultation.

If you are struggling with the impact of divorce and separation, we offer a no obligation initial consultation for a fixed fee of £100 (incl. VAT), for up to one hour. At this meeting, we can advise you on all the issues relating to your personal circumstances, allowing you to make informed decisions moving forward.

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