Lidia Farrell qualifies as a Family Mediator

We are delighted to announce that Lidia has qualified as a Family Mediator, bringing the total number of mediators at Tisshaws to three. Along with Richard and Hana, Lidia will be able to help families resolve issues arising from family breakdown in a safe and confidential environment.

Mediation meetings focus on the issues important to each family, and can include financial, childcare and property arrangements. Families attending mediation find the support of an impartial third party can help them to reach an agreement without resorting to the costs, delays, and stress of taking their issues to court.

Along with being family lawyers, Richard, Hana, and Lidia have all undergone specialist and rigorous training to qualify as mediators. Although while acting in their capacity as mediators, they are unable to provide legal advice, they can guide couples and families to find a fair and appropriate agreement for their specific issues.

As mediation is a totally impartial process, we are unable to offer you mediation services if one of our lawyers has already advised you about your case. So please ensure that you specify that you are looking for a mediator when you make your initial enquiry.


If you are struggling with issues arising from separation and divorce, we offer a no obligation 60-minute initial consultation for £100 (incl. VAT). This will give you the opportunity to receive legal advice relevant to your personal circumstances.

To book a consultation, please call us on 01444 472700, email or complete the form below.

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