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Deciding to start divorce proceedings can be a daunting prospect, particularly if faced with conflicting emotions about the implications of that decision on you personally, your family and your finances.

To help make the process easier to navigate and to ensure you have proper legal advice when faced with making decisions about not only the divorce, but the matters associated with it, including the finances and the future arrangements for any children, it is important to have the right legal representation.

At Tisshaws, we are all members of Resolution, which is a national organisation of Family Law professionals who are committed to resolving Family Law matters in the most constructive way possible.  We adhere to a Code of Conduct, which means that we will conduct your divorce in the following way:

  • Reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation; for example, by not using inflammatory language.
  • Support and encourage families to put the best interests of any children first.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and objectivity.
  • Help clients understand and manage the potential long-term financial and emotional consequences of decisions.
  • Listen to and treat everyone with respect and without judgment.
  • Use experience and knowledge to guide clients through the options available to them.

We offer an initial consultation of up to one hour for a fixed fee of £50.00 (incl. VAT), where we can discuss the divorce process together.  This will arm you with advice specific to your circumstances so you can make informed decisions moving forwards. There is no obligation to continue with divorce proceedings and no obligation to use us should you decide on that course of action, but you will have a legal understanding of all the factors you need to consider.

If you do wish to begin divorce proceedings, then in keeping with Resolution’s Code of Conduct, we will explain how best to reduce the acrimony between you and your spouse, through dispute resolution models which can avoid the costly option of court proceedings. These include:

  • Solicitor-led negotiations;
  • Mediation;
  • Collaborative Law;
  • Arbitration; and
  • Working with other experts i.e. Family Consultants and Parenting Co-ordinators.

These approaches can save time and money, as well as helping to reduce any hostility. Our main aim is to get the best outcome for you and your family, leaving you with a positive platform for moving on, particularly if you will be co-parenting with your ex-partner.

Our team at Tisshaws includes two Mediators and four Collaborative Lawyers and we are also experienced in working with Arbitrators, other Mediators and experts.  No matter who you consult with at Tisshaws, we shall work with you to identify your objectives in starting divorce proceedings and strive to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

If you would like to book an initial consultation where you can receive further advice about divorce proceedings and the associated financial and children matters, please contact 01444 472700, complete the form below or email us at info@tisshawssolicitors.co.uk.

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