Self-Care during Divorce & Separation

When a relationship breaks down navigating the complex maze of emotions can feel overwhelming. Dealing with the loss, failure and hurt is hugely stressful and if there are children involved, the emotional strain can feel particularly intense. And yet, while it might be hard to believe, you will survive divorce and you will ultimately, build a better life for you and your family.

Meanwhile, it’s really important that you look after yourself, finding ways to support your physical, emotional and mental health, that bring you a sense of peace, calm and relaxation.

To help inspire you, here are our top five tips for self-care during the breakdown of a relationship.

1.Talk to Someone

When we talk about our experiences, it helps our brain to process our emotions more quickly than if we bottle everything up. A trusted friend, family member, counsellor or family lawyer, can all help with both emotional and practical support and advice.

2.Look after your Physical Wellbeing

Prioritising sleep, exercise and good nutrition will pay dividends in the long run. If you suffer with insomnia, try listening to a relaxing guided meditation. Physical exercise can also help tire you out and is a great way to let off steam. Try running for releasing anger; weightlifting to feel strong and walking for relaxation. If people offer to help, ask them to cook a nutritious meal for your freezer, so you always have something healthy to eat.

3.Try to Break-Up Gracefully

While hurt and guilt are difficult emotions to swallow, if you can both focus on the bigger picture and why ultimately, it is in the best interests of both of you to end the relationship, it will help you to move forward. Finding common ground and taking joint responsibility for the decision to end the relationship, can help to minimise any resentment.

4.Ask for Help

This is not the time to be independent and if you’re struggling, do ask for help. Talk to work colleagues about reducing your workload for a while, to help you get back on top of things. If you’re feeling lonely, let your friends know and ask them to organise some social activities to help get you through this difficult period. Support groups where you can talk to others going through divorce and separation can also give you a sense of community and comfort.

5.Prepare to Move On

We are social beings and making meaningful connections with others is what enriches our lives. Do not shy away from moving on from your past relationship. Joining a group, volunteering, taking up a new hobby or sport will revitalise and refresh you, ready for the next chapter of your life.

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