Support Through Court provides help for those going to court without a lawyer

What is Support Through Court?

Support Through Court is a UK legal charity that aims to help those navigating the civil and family justice system without a lawyer. Based on the principle that everyone should have access to justice, the charity provides free support and guidance before, during and after court hearings across England and Wales.

At a time when people could be dealing with the stress of losing their home, or access to their children, to face an unfamiliar courtroom without legal representation can be an intimidating and bewildering experience.

How do they help those without legal representation?

To ensure people have the fairest possible hearing when representing themselves in court, the charity provides volunteers to help people to present their case to the best of their ability. The support is designed around individual cases, but involves providing legal information, explaining the court process, assisting people in completing complicated legal paperwork, and helping them to plan what they would like to say to the judge.

Private law and family cases are no longer covered by legal aid which has led to a greater number of people having to navigate the court system without any legal representation. Having a Support Through Court volunteer by their side is invaluable in helping those facing court alone to improve their chances of a fair hearing, along with being able to approach the process with dignity and increased self-assurance.

How you can help

As a charity, every donation received helps to provide access to a volunteer for a vulnerable person facing court. If you would like to support this valuable and rewarding work, do consider donating or fundraising with friends and colleagues.

Alternatively, if you can spare two days a month, the charity is looking for volunteers across the country. Full training is given and legal knowledge is not required, just compassion, good communication skills and reliability.

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