The benefits of collaborative law for divorcing couples

Once the initial shock and grief that a marriage is over has subsided, most people want to divorce in a respectful way. This is particularly important where children are involved and for building a positive platform for your family to move forward.

Collaborative law began when two lawyers on opposing sides of a high-conflict divorce decided to work together with the couple involved outside of the courtroom. By all sitting down together they managed to successfully resolve the issues that were tearing them apart.

Since then, this approach has gained ground owing to the many benefits collaborative law provides.


How does collaborative law work?

The approach involves the couple divorcing each appointing a solicitor trained in collaborative law. All four of you can then sit around a table to discuss the issues arising from the breakdown of the relationship and try to reach an agreement. The process also allows for specialist third parties, such as pensions experts and child therapists to be involved.

All four of you sign a document known as a Participation Agreement which expresses your commitment to resolve issues without going to court.


What are the benefits?

If a couple can resolve their issues in this way and avoid going to court, the benefits are great. They include:

  • Saving the costs, length of time and added hostility of going to court.
  • Retaining control over the process and the decisions reached – in court all the decisions are up to a judge.
  • The process is confidential and can help to build trust and communication where it may have broken down.

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