Top 10 tips for mental health & wellbeing

Family breakdown can be devastating, so we’ve compiled our Top 10 tips for looking after yourself during such a challenging time.


1. Keep active

Find a physical activity you enjoy – even dancing around the kitchen and build it into your routine. Physical exercise will make you feel more empowered and can boost your self-esteem.


2. Take a break

Punctuate your day with mini breaks to stretch, get some fresh air, read a book, tackle a puzzle or anything that takes you out of your head, helping to refresh and re-energise you.


3. Try to sleep

A good night’s sleep will refresh you and improve your concentration. If this is hard to achieve, try developing a bedtime routine which includes listening to a guided meditation or relaxation app.


4. Eat well

Nutritious food is important for both mind and body, so it really is worth making an effort to eat a diet full of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins.


5. Drink in moderation

Heavy drinking affects brain function, can cause disease and acts as a depressant. Try to stay within recommended alcohol limits.


6. Keep in touch

Strong connections can help you feel better, so try to maintain good relationships with your friends, family and the wider community.


7. Share how you feel

Talking about your feelings and finding people who understand what you are going through, can help you to cope with problems and feel listened to.


8. Give back

If you can give either your time, expertise or money to others in need, you will feel valued and have a renewed sense of purpose.


9. Be mindful

If you can resist feeling sad about the past, stop obsessing about the future and live more in the present, it can help you to relax and enjoy life more.


10. Ask for Help

Asking for help is a sign of strength and is the best way for you to find the support you need to help with the challenges you are going through.


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