What can a family law solicitor help me with?

Family Law covers a potentially wide range of family matters which can arise at different stages of a relationship.

If you are separating, getting a divorce or a civil partnership dissolution there will be various arrangements which need to be made between you and your partner or spouse.

A family solicitor’s role is to provide you with specialist advice about the legal and practical matters which need to be addressed when relationships break down but also at the beginning of new relationships. These issues can be complicated and sensitive especially when children are involved and feelings are running high.

A Family Law solicitor is a trained professional who has expertise and experience in the following areas:-


• Advising on the grounds for divorce or civil partnership dissolution and handling the divorce or civil dissolution process for you.


When a family relationship breaks down it is often necessary for assets to be divided or for decisions to be reached regarding the family home. A family solicitor can:-

• Request financial disclosure from yourself or partner to ensure all relevant financial information is available so you can make informed decisions.

• Clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of you and your partner.

• Negotiate a reasonable financial settlement for you.

• Make the settlement legally binding and enforceable through a financial court order (which can often be achieved by consent without ever having to attend court).


When a couple live together but are unmarried the law which will apply to any disputes between them regarding their property differs significantly to the law which applies to married couples on divorce. A Family Law solicitor can advise you of your rights in this situation and help resolve property disputes which might arise. If there are children the Family Law solicitor can also advise about the appropriate financial provision which should be made for the children.


A family solicitor can help you come to an agreement that is fair to you, your partner or spouse and, most of all the children, and give advice regarding:-

• The legal rights, duties and responsibility of a parent.

• Children’s rights and protection.

• Children arrangements, including where the children will live (which can be with either or both parents) and how much contact they will have with each parent.

• Resolving specific issues that may arise in relation to the child’s upbringing.


Agreeing a way forward with your partner or spouse will always be less stressful (and less expensive) and more likely to work in the long term than court proceedings. A Family Law solicitor can explain the different options which exist for resolving disputes such as collaborative law, mediation and arbitration.


If you have experienced or feel you may be at risk of domestic violence, swift and expert legal advice is essential during this very difficult time. A Family Law solicitor can help with the legal arrangements to keep you and your children safe including obtaining court injunctions such as an occupation order or a non-molestation order.

At Tisshaws, we specialise exclusively in family law and understand that divorce and relationship breakdown can be incredibly difficult. We have a specialist team of approachable family lawyers, four of whom are accredited as experts in family law by The Law Society or Resolution. As the largest specialist family law firm in mid-Sussex we are uniquely placed to give you the expert support and advice you need to help you secure the best possible outcome at a particularly difficult time in your life.

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