What is a Clean Break Order?

A clean break order ends all financial ties between a couple, meaning neither can make any future claims against the other. This means if one of you wins the lottery or benefits from a huge inheritance, an ex-partner can make no claims for additional financial support.

Once a divorcing couple have agreed how their finances and assets are to be split, this is made into a financial consent order to make it legally binding. A clean break order can be written into this as an additional clause.

When is a clean break order appropriate?

Clean breaks are suitable for short marriages and marriages with no children, as they allow couples to move on in the confidence that an ex-partner cannot make any future financial against them.

When is a clean break order a disadvantage?

Clean breaks are not appropriate where spousal and child maintenance payments are ongoing. However, if an ex-partner has the means they can ‘buy out’ their former spouse by giving them a lump sum. This is invested and the income generated is used to live on. Alternatively, an ex-partner can apply for a deferred clean break order, for example once a child has left full-time education.

It is essential that both parties take legal advice when considering a clean break order as once made legally binding, it is difficult to get the ruling overturned. This can generally only happen if financial fraud is uncovered at a later date. It is particularly important that the financially ‘weaker’ half of the couple, takes legal advice from a family lawyer to protect their financial interests in both the short and long term.


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