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Families have never been more varied. From blended families to same-sex families and single-parent families, family structures are increasingly diverse. While this is a welcome development, many family structures can create a range of challenging legal issues to contend with.


Blended Families

Blended families are formed when you and a partner create a new family unit and one or both of you have children from a previous relationship. In some instances, this can spark complications, such as contact between a child and stepparent or stepsiblings or the need for a stepparent to acquire parental responsibility for a stepchild. We have the experience and expertise to help and support you to resolve any blended family issues.


LGBTQ+ Families, Surrogacy & Donor Conception

We can guide and support same sex couples, trans parents and heterosexual couples through the options for creating a family, including surrogacy and donor conception. The laws around both options are complex and we would advise seeking professional advice as early as possible in the process, so you have a full appreciation of the legal implications of any decisions you make.


Co-Parenting Agreements

While many individuals now decide to conceive a child and co-parent together, disputes can arise. Given this, it is wise to enter into a Co-Parenting Agreement from the outset, so the individuals involved both have the same expectations.


We can talk through your options before you make any decisions

At Tisshaws Family Law Solicitors, we have a wealth of experience to help you understand and navigate the legal complexities relating to your personal situation.

We know how important it is to fully understand the law relating to your individual situation before you commit to any course of action, so we offer an initial no obligation one-hour appointment for just £50 (Incl. VAT). This gives you the opportunity to talk through your personal situation with a qualified lawyer before you decide to proceed. To book please call us on 01444 472700, email us on or complete the form below.

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