The Impact of Menopause on Divorce

While almost all women will go through the menopause the impact of its effects on relationships has gone largely unrecorded. However, recent research suggests that it can be a contributory factor in divorce.

Although we don’t fully appreciate the effects of menopause on a woman’s physical, emotional, and mental health, there are several symptoms that can have a negative impact on the state of any relationships.

Physical changes can include a loss of libido and intimacy, hot flushes, weight gain and night sweats. Other symptoms can include anxiety, depression, mood swings and a loss in concentration and memory.

The impact of this cocktail of symptoms can devastate previously happy relationships and lead to a lack of communication. With one partner feeling frustrated, confused, and anxious because of the menopause, the other one can feel isolated.

Ways to try and alleviate the pressure on a relationship include specific time to talk openly about how each of you are feeling. Those with severe symptoms may wish to talk to a GP about medication, such as Hormone Replacement Therapy, which may help and it can also be helpful to speak with others going through a similar process.

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